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Thursday 6th September 2018

Miodrag was so kind by sending us his photographs. They were taken in former Yugoslavia. I hope my translation saved the loveliness of the original text.

Miodrag: My grandfather was an apothecary and I spent my childhood in a very comfortable house full of big porcelain and glass apothecary, pharmacy and chemist jars. I was always told not to get close to the jars filled in with the ingredients for the medicines. He usually kept them in the basement, but prepared medicines outside the house, in the pharmacy. I would have picked up petals and leaves of the flowers in the garden and imitated my grandfather  preparing my own mixtures, but opposite of his work, I used to imagine my mixtures were the poisons. At this work I was often accompanied by my sister Milena. I remember my grandfather giving me small chocolates all the time.



1987.                                                        1985.                                                                      1988.

(Miodrag with his friends and relatives, in the period from 1985 to 1988)



Tijana, Volunteer Programme Digital Communication Assistant


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