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Tuesday 21st August 2018

We would like to invite you to share with us pictures of your homes and gardens, past and present.  We hope this blog will inspire you to accept the challenge!

By sharing your photos and stories you will be contributing to the museum by increasing the understanding of different types of homes, what is the story behind the photograph? we want to know.

Our aim is to show how our homes – our small private worlds, look and to feel the atmosphere of the different places people live and call home.

Here are some from us to spark your memories.

Alison: This shows our Christmas tree in 1980. Note the homemade father Christmas decoration hanging on the bottom left: everyone in Year 3 at the village school made one each year!

Christmas cards from family and friends are on the pelmet above the window and the home-made paper chains went from each corner of the room.




Alison: This shows a corner of my sister’s bedroom in about 1978. She loved animals and this can be seen in the posters on the wall, the collection of small china animals on the shelf above the bed and in Michael the cat who does not look very happy at being in the photo!






Tijana: My family is waiting for the year 1981 to come. My sister is eight years old with a heartwarming smile and sparks in her eyes, which reflect her zestful spirit. Excited, she offered to arrange the table and we are posing for the photograph near the tree.

It is a home with wallpapered walls – it always used to be like that. I witnessed many designs while I was growing up, as the wallpapers were my father’s handiwork and he used to change them often.


/Tijana & Alison, Volunteer programme Digital Communications Assistants


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