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Thursday 7th December 2017

I find it fascinating that in a time where time is money and everyone is so busy that the number of volunteers keeps on growing in London.

As for me, I moved to London a year ago and started a part-time job but felt that I needed something else to do – somewhere where I could put my skills to use and gain experience, as well as being part of a community and helping out with something I feel passionate about. I’ve always been a firm believer that history and culture can lead to so much knowledge which is why I chose the heritage sector to volunteer in. I visited Geffrye museum the first time in December 2016 and felt like this is the kind of museum I would like to help out in. In January a role as a volunteer enquiry assistant was advertised and I decided to apply. Since starting at the Geffrye I have been able to be part of many other projects which is what I like – you can get involved in different projects, alongside your main role, if you want to. I appreciate the fact that it’s a small museum and that the different departments intertwine now and then. Personally, I feel that Geffrye Museum is the perfect place for anyone who wants to grow at their own pace and volunteer when suits. I am well excited to see what the Volunteer Makers site brings to the museum and hope that more people will be able to volunteer in a more flexible and simple way. As I see it volunteering is great for four reasons:

1) Being able to do something with your spare time.

2) Challenging yourself with something new and that you can feel proud of achieving.

3) Gain experience which can make you more employable in the future.

4) Being a part of a community and reach out to new people.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting a few of our volunteers’ stories and the reasons behind their engagement at the Geffrye Museum. If you feel like you have anything you would like to share or a story to tell about volunteering please contact us over email.

/Maja, Volunteer Enquiry Assistant


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