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Oblong cribbage board made from veneered rosewood, with parquetry decoration in star formations in amboyna, bird’s eye maple, ebony, and other woods, with ivory peg markers, and four turned ebony feet, possibly made near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, c.1790-c.1820.









Etching on paper entitled ‘GAME of CHESS’ by George Cruikshank, possibly from an original drawing by Captain Frederick Marryat, published by Thomas McClean in London in 1835.




These images are just a small selection of board games from our collection at The Geffrye Museum. Board games have been played throughout history in many societies and cultures. For example, Backgammon originated in ancient Persia over 5000 years ago and Chess is originally from India.The game of Cribbage was developed in Europe in the 17th Century.

The longevity of many of these games is testament to the enjoyment people all over the world have derived from them over time. What is your favourite board game? To take part in our Board Games Challenge share a picture of your favourite board game with us and tell us about the memories it evokes for you.

What's involved?

Share photos and memories of your favourite board games with us.

  • Did you and your friends have Monopoly marathons on rainy afternoons?
  • Were you taught to play your first card game by your grandparents

We'd love to hear your stories and see photos of people playing board games in your home. 

Why get involved?

You’ll be helping to keep the dialogue between us and our volunteers alive during the period of the museum’s closure.

You’ll be adding to our knowledge of the way board games have been and continue to be enjoyed today.

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your Volunteers Makers account or sign up here

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Post your pictures and stories on Instagram or Facebook and tag the Museum #Museumofthehome

Ideal Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Working independently

Ideal Interest

  • Marketing and communications

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