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Help us with the blog

When we launched the Geffrye Makers website we also started a blog. It's an exciting new way for us to communicate with each other within the volunteer community here at the Geffrye Museum. We are looking for people who want to share their thoughts on Geffrye museum and volunteering.

Some ideas about what you might want to write about:

-What has your experience of volunteering been like?

-What is your favourite room or object in the museum?

- What are your thoughts about the volunteering community in London?

- Do you have any tips about events for volunteers around the city?

-Why do you volunteer at the Geffrye Museum? 

What's involved?

Have a look at our blog Is there anything you would like to write and share with our Geffre volunteer community?

Why get involved?

This is a good opportunity to spread the word about volunteering and practice your creative writing skills.

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your Geffrye Maker account or sign up here

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Send us an email to and tell us about your idea and what you would like to write about.

Step 4: Write the blogpost and send it back to us. We will then post it on the blog.

Ideal Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Social Media

Ideal Interests

  • Creative and Arts
  • Marketing and communications

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